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On the Ground

Updated: Mar 28, 2018

The journey to this new company started with a question--and the implications and challenges that have been gnawing at me since I dared to ask it.

How can I cultivate deeper connections, and design a business that not only contributes to positive community change, but brings about a sense of enduring wellbeing for me and the people I work with?

As professional advisors, consultants can often find themselves insulated from the people and communities they are hired to help. Jumping from board room to board room, we are at risk of losing sight of the passion and purpose that drew us in to this work to begin with.

So after peeling back these layers, and digging, and then peeling some more, a vision began to take shape: More creative work on the ground.

As a formally trained creative writer and mentored photographer, I've found my most sustainable joy is in my work as a storyteller--marrying the power of strong images with poetic and persuasive language.

The magic of meeting new people and absorbing their stories, and the challenge of weaving the narrative threads into a meaningful tapestry is where I belong.

This means more global travel. More discovery. More creative assignments, and most of all, more time in the field, capturing and curating moments of meaning.

It is with this intention that I launch this new endeavor. I hope you'll meet up with me somewhere on the journey.


"Julia & Me"

Dominican Republic, 2018

Photo by Susan Saetre

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