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Summer Collage


(yes, the rumor is true!)

Today, the lines between for-profit and non-profit organizations are blurry. There is even a hybrid legal corporation entity called a "B Corporation" or "social enterprise" that combines the good qualities of for profit and nonprofit entities. A new generation of entrepreneurs are choosing to start a business as a way to not only live the good life, but as a creative expression of their dearest values. That's right. These dreamers are showing the world that you don't have to choose profit over people and the planet. They are proving that a triple-bottom line can be a core growth strategy and business model that fulfills the wants/needs/desires of today's socially and environmentally conscious-consumer. 

So, it is in the spirit of progress and the recognition that a for-profit business can do at least as much "good" as a nonprofit can, that I offer an entirely new suite of creative services aka rocket fuel, to launch wholehearted entrepreneurs to new heights. 

I define a wholehearted entrepreneur as a person who builds and operates their business through a compassionate lens. 

If this is you, then let's geek out on the possibilities together. 

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